Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tonight in Bakersfield

Tonight's game isn't your average preseason tilt, and not just because it's a homecoming for Sonics center Robert Swift. TNT is also televising all the action at 7:00 p.m., the only Sonics preseason game on TV and the first of many national appearances for the Sonics this season.

P.J. Carlesimo was asked yesterday about playing on national TV.

"It's good to do," he said. "It will be nice to play a game that they (players) know is a TV game; the first couple (of the regular season) are on TV."

The good folks at TNT have to be happy to hear that Kobe Bryant, whose status was in question after he missed some practice time early this week, is expected to play tonight as rumors swirl about his fate with the Lakers.

Tonight's game is of paramount importance to one Sonics fan. You might already have seen the YouTube video of him ensuring the first spot in line for tonight's game ... back in May, just after the Sonics won the lottery. If not, check it out.

There are also follow-up videos showing the next few days of waiting in line. Click here to give them a look.