Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Donovan on Carlesimo

Anne DonovanLast week I mentioned that Storm Head Coach Anne Donovan watched Sonics practice and chatted with P.J. Carlesimo afterwards. The day after, I got a chance to talk with Anne for a Q&A on storm.wnba.com and asked about her relationship with Carlesimo. Here's what she had to say.

How long have you known P.J.?
P.J. and I go back to when he was in Seton Hall, just crossing paths at award dinners and all that because I grew up in New Jersey. I've been very aware of who he is and have followed his career for a long time, as I think he did mine, and have crossed paths through USA Basketball. I haven't spent a ton of time with P.J. other than just keeping up with each other and, long ago, admiring him and the work he did at Seton Hall and how respected he was in New Jersey.

How much does it help to have a good relationship with the coach of the Sonics?
It's just so awesome that he's upbeat. He walks through here when he's around; he sees my light on, he comes in or he knocks on the window. Stops out of his busy schedule the other day just to chat and check up on how the National Team did and actually knew how the team did. We were in a restaurant in New York, Il Vagabondo, one of P.J.'s favorite places. I took a photo of him on the wall with his parents and e-mailed it to him. He got right back to me. He's just a good guy that means a lot to the game - and that means the game of basketball, not just men's basketball.