Monday, October 1, 2007

Live From Media Day

12:51: I'm here, but there is not a lot happening as of yet. At 1:00, Sam Presti and P.J. Carlesimo will spend 20 minutes with the media, followed by the players rotating in. Not sure I'll have a chance to blog during that time, but we'll see.

2:04: Halfway through, things are going well. We've gotten some good time with the players who have come through so far. It was good to see Jermaine Jackson in camp after finding out what a good guy he is during summer league. He talked about his desire to coach in the future.

I asked Jeff Green what players he modeled his game after in terms of versatility, and he cited Magic Johnson (as a 6-9 point guard) and Scottie Pippen, a player to whom he has drawn some comparisons.

Green, Nick Collison and Kevin Durant all raved about the opportunity to play with USA Basketball this summer and to work with Head Coach P.J. Carlesimo.

Don't miss a photo gallery from Media Day.

3:39: Wrapping up from Furtado ...

One theme today I wasn't expecting was how many players talked about how it felt like they had become veterans overnight as the team got younger this off-season.

Robert Swift said he is up to 280 pounds, 40 pounds above where he played last season. It's too early to say how that will change his game on the court, but he's noticed in pick-up games being able to do some things he couldn't do before because of his size. He's experienced no setbacks in his comeback and has no pain or swelling.

Luke Ridnour has grown out his hair. "I just let it go all summer," he said. "I didn't have anything to do, anything to go too." It's not quite as long as it was when he was a rookie, but it's definitely a departure from the buzz cut of recent seasons.

Earl Watson talked about becoming a fan over the off-season as he waited to see what moves the team would make. He's confident about what has transpired. "Our team is going to surprise a lot of people, I truly believe," Watson said.

Delonte West was the one newcomer and East Coast guy who answered that yes, Seattle did feel like the other side of the world when he was traded here. Still, he and the rest of the newcomers are excited for their opportunity here.

Damien Wilkins is at last sporting the No. 21 worn by his father and uncle in the NBA, which Danny Fortson had the last three seasons. Wilkins shared that he tried several times to get the number from Fortson with no success. Then, after the end of the season, Fortson called and asked if he still wanted the number - but Wilkins had already put in to change.

There's plenty of other great stories that came out of today's event, so stay tuned to SUPERSONICS.COM for more.