Tuesday, October 16, 2007

On Sene and Starting

Noticed this at Supersonicsoul today, and some similar talk elsewhere: "Does (Mouhamed Sene's performance Saturday in Indiana) merit a start against the Lakers in Bakersfield? No, I don't think so, but apparently P.J. Carlesimo does."

To clear this up a little, when Carlesimo spoke after yesterday's practice about Sene probably starting Thursday's preseason game, it was in the context of making sure everyone gets a chance to start. Delonte West was also mentioned by Carlesimo, though he may not start Thursday because he's missed the last two days of practice.

Johan Petro, whom I'm pretty sure Carlesimo forgot had not started, and invitee Jermaine Jackson are the other two guys who have yet to start a game.

We're still in the evaluation portion of the preseason, where Carlesimo wants to get a couple of good long looks at each of his players in game action.