Sunday, October 21, 2007

P.J. Postgame

Interesting, lengthy conversation between P.J. Carlesimo and the media tonight. You can listen to the first portion of it here.

Carlesimo was effusive in his praise of the Rockets in general and rookie power forward Luis Scola in particular. One of the most intriguing questions from a league-wide perspective in this 2007-08 season is whether the Rockets can break into the trio of West powers (Dallas, Phoenix and San Antonio) and make Texas 3-for-3 on that list.

Carlesimo also discussed how it can feel disappointing for his players to work so hard in practice and not see it translate on the floor tonight. The only answer is to keep working and be patient.

The size of the Rockets up front changed what the Sonics could do in terms of experimenting with lineups, like Delonte West playing shooting guard alongside Kevin Durant or some smaller combinations up front. The Sonics will get a very different look on Tuesday when Golden State comes to town and again next Friday against the Phoenix Suns in Vancouver, B.C.