Friday, July 13, 2007

I Gotta Have More Dowdell

I hope you've read yesterday's feature story on Zabian Dowdell, the standout undrafted rookie playing point guard for the Sonics summer-league team.

My assumption is that many of you are familiar with Dowdell for the same reason I was prior to the NBA Draft, his participation in the TrueHoop blog's "Just pick me" series, which followed Dowdell as he worked out for teams and ultimately went undrafted. If for some reason you've missed this must-read series from the definitive NBA blog, here are the links:

Part 1: The workout process
Part 2: Traveling
Part 3: Headed to Seattle
Part 4: Undrafted, but ready to play for the Sonics

Part 3 checks in with Dowdell as he's preparing to work out for the Sonics two days before the Draft. As I mentioned in the feature, that workout did not take place because bad weather cancelled Dowdell's flight from Dallas.

(Apologies to Supersonicsoul for shamelessly ripping off their Dowdell/Cowbell pun.)