Friday, July 6, 2007

Durant on His Debut

In his professional debut today, Kevin Durant scored 18 points on 5-for-17 shooting as the Sonics lost to the Dallas Mavericks in NBA Summer League action. I worked a couple of Durant quotes into my recap, but here's some more from his post-game availability with the media.

On his shot:
“It just wasn’t falling today. In this game, you can’t make every single shot, so you just have to be aggressive.”

On being nervous before the game:
“I was more nervous in the days leading up to the game, but my teammates did a good job of calming me down.

“I was nervous before every game in college, so it's no big deal.”

On feeling pressure heading into the season:
“I’m not feeling any at all. Its just basketball and I’m just here to play. I’m just trying to get better as a player and as a team.”

On differences between college and the pros:
“It was much more intense and much faster than the college game. I thought I played well but I could have shot a little better. Hopefully next game I’ll be able to do that a little better.”

“I have to learn how to adjust to a quicker game - playing faster and reacting faster. I’ll be alright.

On his biggest competition in league:
“Whoever we play that game. I don’t really have any rivals. I haven’t even played a game yet. I’m just looking forward to playing in the league and hopefully we can do some good things.”

On having his first shot blocked:
“Everybody gets their shot blocked. It’s the NBA, I can’t get down on myself because he (DeSagana Diop) blocked it. I thought I had the clear layup, but he came over and blocked it.

“I just have to stay aggressive and continue to help my teammates out.”

On new teammate Jeff Green:
“He does everything well on the floor. He can penetrate, pass, and get to the free-throw line. When you play with a guy like that, it’s easy.”

On new Head Coach P.J. Carlesimo:
“He’s a great coach who gets everything out of his players. I can’t wait to play for him.”

On Las Vegas and the NBA Summer League:
“It’s a fun town. Everyone comes out and shows us a lot of support and I’m glad to be here.”