Friday, July 6, 2007

Change of Pace

What debuted as the "Draft Buzz" blog in the week leading up to the Draft morphed into a live blog on Draft night. Now it's changing again into The Official Blog of the Sonics. I'll primarily be responsible for blogging, but look for some additions from some of my co-workers as well.

What will this blog be? That's a work in progress, but from my experience blogging about the Storm, I know that it will be a place for immediate updates after practice, a look at all kinds of Sonics news and some thoughts on the goings-on around the NBA.

A quick note on the comments. We do moderate all comments, so if yours does not post immediately, understand that is the reason. Please don't post your comment again. Naturally, profanity and personal attacks are automatic reasons to reject a common. Use your common sense as to what is appropriate.

It should be fun. We'll have the RSS feed up shortly, so sign up for that, bookmark the site and check back often as we follow the new era of Sonics basketball.