Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday Update

Jermaine Jackson will not play tonight for the Sonics. The veteran point guard has been bothered by his hamstring and had an MRI taken today, hoping to find nothing more serious than fatigue.

"Before I came here, I had just came back from over in Europe [where he played in Ukraine]," said Jackson. "I haven't had a chance to rest at all. I just hope it's a little fatigue - take a couple of days off and get right back out there."

Jeff Green went through shootaround and I'm guessing he will play tonight.

Kevin Durant was back at shootaround. Actually, he returned from the ESPYs, which he said he enjoyed, yesterday. However, the Sonics had yesterday completely off, so today was the first time he was back in terms of basketball.

I asked Durant whether he was disappointed to hear that Greg Oden's summer league was over.

"Yeah, I was," Durant said. "I was looking forward to seeing him play and seeing him progress during summer league. I just hope the surgery goes well. All I can do is wish for the best."

Honestly, the fact that the Sonics and Blazers are scheduled to play on Sunday - now without not only Oden but also LaMarcus Aldridge, who preceded Durant at Texas - wasn't a big factor for Durant.

"It would have been fun, but I wasn't just pinpointing that game out because it's me and Greg Oden. There's some guys on each other's teams that are better than me and Greg Oden. I was just looking forward to playing the game, trying to get better and better as we go on in summer league."