Thursday, June 28, 2007

Wrapping Up From Furtado

Sam Presti could keep quiet no more. Since taking the job as Sonics GM three weeks ago today, Presti has tried to keep a lid on his excitement about the possibility of drafting Kevin Durant. Now that Durant is officially a member of the Sonics, Presti was ready to gush.

"Kevin Durant is a player that makes the job of everybody on the team easier," said Presti, citing Durant's work ethic, his self-made nature as a player and his desire.

This is one of the biggest nights in franchise history because of Durant, no doubt, but also because of the second top-five pick the Sonics added by trading Ray Allen to the Boston Celtics with the No. 35 pick in exchange for the rights to Jeff Green, guard Delonte West and swingman Wally Szczerbiak.

"We are thrilled to be able to bring in two players and people like Kevin Durant and Jeff Green," said Presti, who also discussed the role West played in the deal, saying, "It's hard to do a deal like this without Delonte West in the deal."

Ultimately, while the Sonics lost a key player in Ray Allen, there's a bigger picture in Presti's mind, one he has hinted at in discussing the importance of sustainable success.

"We don't want our championship to be making the playoffs," Presti said.

There's a big vision in the minds of the Sonics braintrust, and while it will not take shape in one day or with one player, it took a big step towards becoming reality with today's moves.