Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hollinger Breaks Down the Draft

When it comes to analyzing the NBA statistically, there is no one better in the media than ESPN Insider's John Hollinger. For many years, Hollinger has resisted doing much with the stats of NCAA prospects, but this year he's debuted a comprehensive rating system for NCAA Division I players (it's part of an Insider free trial, so go check it out).

While Hollinger has plenty of interesting insights, naturally Sonics fans will be most interested in how he answers the Oden/Durant question:

Kevin Durant is the best talent to come out of the college ranks in the last half decade. As we've learned, this doesn't necessarily mean he'll become the best player. But his 870.7 score blows the previous best -- Carmelo Anthony's 781.3 in 2003 -- right out of the water. If there's one thing that makes me reconsider the Oden versus Durant question after I thought it had been settled, this is it. I mean, how can you pass on this guy when his numbers are this overwhelming?
Naturally, Hollinger isn't the only one looking at the Draft through the prism of college stats. Also check out coverage from Hoopsanalyst.com and DraftExpress.com.