Monday, February 11, 2008

The Sonics Front Office is Going to be Busy in June

Over on TrueHoop, Henry Abbott had the folks in research put together what the draft order would be for the 2008 NBA Draft if today was the end of the season.

It's a useful reminder that the Sonics have been busy stockpiling draft picks. In addition to their own first- and second-round picks, the Sonics have added:

- Phoenix's first-round pick (28 if the season ended today) from the Kurt Thomas trade
- the better of Portland's or Boston's second-round picks (48) via last year's draft-night deal with Boston
- Denver's second-round pick (52) from the Earl Watson four-way deal in 2006
- the lesser of New Orleans' or Houston's second-round picks (57) from Houston via last year's deal that sent a second-round pick used on Carl Landry to the Rockets

In total, the Sonics will go into the draft with a league-high six picks, including three of the top 33.

Beyond 2008, the Sonics own New Jersey's 2009 second-round pick from the Mikki Moore trade and will also get Phoenix's first-rounder in 2010 to complete the Thomas deal.